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First things first: I hate being a statistic (I’m truly sorry, Mr. President). But as of a few Fridays ago, I have become a minuscule uptick — or at least, in a very infinitesimally small way, preventing a downturn — in the U.S. unemployment rate. In short, the Santa Cruz Sentinel laid me off after 11 years of editing, which capped a 37-year run in various media, mostly in newspapers.

But never mind. Let’s just leave this at “unemployment sucks,” and move on, shall we?

I bring this up to explain my absence. What I have been doing — NSA take note, and pass this on to the Labor Department — is looking for work and hatching some other diabolical schemes, not the least of which is reviving the Lindependence Project to do more events this year. Film at 11.

Now with more free time than I can eat, I can do things like write this blog once again on a regular basis. With this additional time when I’m not looking for work (hello, California Employment Development Department), I also have time to squirrel around with some hardware and software in the home lab which, as you may recall, is dubbed The Jungle Room.

Elvis fans can explain that one to you.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to have with Korora (or Fedora or any other distro I use) is access to Spotify. Over time on the Windows box at my former job, I had a wide range of music to listen to while editing, and I wanted to carry this over to my newly found freedom.

Leave it to Fedora 19 Issues and Tutorials blogger Venkat Heart to come up with the solution in this blog item from back in November 2013.

As Venkat’s blog states — and the full instructions are there — installing Spotify requires you to create a Spotify repository by making a repo file to put into /etc/yum.repos.d/ called spotify.repo (and it gives you a quick and dirty instruction on how to use vi to accomplish this — if not, Venkat says, there’s always Google to learn how to use vi).

The details as laid out in the blog is to copy this into your newly formed file /etc/yum.repos.d/spotify.repo:


Then it’s off to yum, using root: #yum install spotify

There are even links on the site to get the Spotify icons and instructions to remove Spotify (spoiler alert: #yum remove spotify).

The Fedora instructions seem to work flawlessly on Korora and now I am a fairly happy camper listening to a wide range of genres and bands — from Johnny Cash to Coldplay (yes, Coldplay. It’s my daughter’s favorite band and they’re not bad) — while I plot my next move on the employment front.

It’s good to be back.

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